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Anatomicals Anti Blemish Face Mask

Anatomicals says….” Flush outblocked pores and prevent breakouts with this cleansingmask combinig tea tre and soothing sage oil.added with primrose oil it helps  to calm the skin.”


Application Method :

Ingredients and Price :

My Claims :

The package of  Anatomicals anti blemish face mask is quite interesting. It says ” the hottie tottie is never spotty.” Those words were really catchy and Anatomical has such statements in its all face packs.

Each sachet consits of 15ml of product and is prices rs.175.

The pack is white cream based and is soft paste like not very thick . It was easy to spread it as a thin layer on my face. This pack consiste of kaoline clay and bentonite clay. Other anti inflamatory ingredients like glycerine, primerose are also present. Initiallly while applying i felt burning sensation which did not last longer.

It consists of Tea tree oil and citric acid work as anti bacteria and calms those angry acne.

This pack as a strong floral fragrance which could be little disturbing to a few who don’t prefer such artificial perfumes.This pack consists of coconut oil which moisturizes the skin upto certain extend.

This face pack gave a very nice glow onto my face. After appying regularly for two weeks i could see a natural glow on my face. It made my skin soft and supple. It took away all the excess oil from my face but it didn’t give that dry look . It left my face well hydrated as required. The most important fact, it wasn’t that effective as it claimed. My old stubborn marks din’t fade. It worked effectively on my little bumps and most recent spots. And it doesn’t prevents acne from occuring again. Hence it’s not a cure but a control measure.

This pack thing is not hygienic as i din’t use up the whole quantity. The quantity may last for two to three usages but i couldn’t store it open because anyway it was either going to dry or may loose all its important properties.

click here to buy Anaomicals Anti -Blemish face Mask. Let me know in the comment section about your experience in the comment section.


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