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No Sunscreen = Troubled skin

I’m pretty sure that most of you din’t know that 90% of skin damage, skin ageing effects like wrinkles, premature ageing are caused by direct exposure to sun rays. Hence everyone need a good sunscreen to protect ourselves from after effects of uv rays.


Types of rays :

There are three types of rays UVA, UVB,UVC.

* UVA – 95% of uv rays is UVA. UVA causes maximum damage to skin such as ageing ( wrinkles, dark circles). It goes deeper into skin leading to skin cancer and malignant melanoma. It may also alter the DNA.

*UVB – Remaining quantity of uv rays other than UVA is UVB ranging some 5%. It effects the upper layer of skin  causing skin burns.

Both UVA and UVB causes skin tanning and skin burn.

*UVC – UVC doesn’t reach sun.. So yes, we can be happy 😎😉😝😁😁

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Important terms related to Sunscreen :

Spf is sun protection factor. 

1 Spf = it helps to withstand 10mins in sun.

Hence 30Spf =  protection for minimum of 5hrs in sun.

Its also important that you apply generously for adequate amount of protection. In humid conditions,  you may wipeout half amount of sun protection. Thus experts recommend to reapply the sunscreen in every 2 to 3 hrs.

TPA = tan protection index. 

‘+’ – indicates the ability of protection against sun damage. 

PA+ = very little protection against sun damage. 

PA++ = moderate protection. 

PA+++ = good protection ability against UVA.

PA+++ = high protection against UVA.

One should always prefer ‘+++’ & ‘++++’ which will make you to withstand when sun is high. 

Myths & Facts :

* Its not  necessary to put on sunscreen when you are at 

No, it’s  necessary to apply even if you at home or inside office.  Because you can sit at home for long.  You may have some work outside  for few minutes, that travel time before reaching office.  UV rays can also reach you through windows or ventilators.

* My sunscreen turns me dark :

Your sunscreen might oxidise. Or your sunscreen is not good enough to protect your skin fron getting tan. May be you need a sunscreen with high TPA.

* Its cloudy so sunscreen is not necessary. 

You are wrong,  you need a sunscreen every single day.

Types of Sunscreen :

Cream based:

Thick cream  are good even for aged,  dry and sensitive skin. Even if you are 40+, you can still go for a cream based sunscreen.

Make sure that you have taken adequate amount of sunscreen and not a thin layer,  as it may not do what it has promised.

If you have a very dry skin,  then I would suggest you to hydrate your skin with a facial mist before applying a sunscreen.

 Emulsion :

Emulsion is more on lotion type but milk like cream. It won’t be as runny as lotion. It is apt for oily skin amd still gives a matte look. It gets absorbed easily and doesn’t make you look oily.

Sunscreen Spray :

when youre at places where sun is high always in such case it would be really difficult for you to dot the cream or lotion all over your body. In such special cases you can make use of sunscreen spray.

Most of the sunscreens are broad spectral suncreen protecting against both UVA and UVB.

Application Method :

* Take generous amount of sunscreen and apply it all over your face, ears and also neck. Also don’t forget to apply on your hands too.

*If you are the one who is going through any kind of skin medication like acne treatment then…

1. First use the prescribed cream.

2. Moisturize if needed

3.  Then a sunscreen with spf 50 and PA (+++ or ++++)

* if you are the one who loves makeup then moisturize, secondly apply a good primer and then a good sunscreen. Last should be your makeup.

I would suggest you to use sunscreen of spf 20 to 30 PA++ for normal days and spf 50 PA +++ during severe summer or when sun is high or during outdoor activities. 

Use sunscreen and protect your skin…I’m sure you don’t want that dull, tanned and aged skin…Leave in the comment section about your sunscreen story.

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