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Biotique Musk Root Hair Mask

What is musk root?

The extract of musk root oil helps in growth of hair.  It beneficial for smooth hairs, silky and healthy hairs. It is used to improve complexion and ensures glowing and shining looks to the hair.  It prevents early greying of hair.


How to use?

Mix generous amount of pack with egg or yogurt before application. Apply liberally to dry scalp and hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse it well with water. Use very mild shampoo for cleansing. Apply once a week or as needed.

Ingredients :


Price :

          230 rupees for 230 gms.

Shelf life :

3 yr’s from date of packing.


This pack is also available in other varients like Bio Mountain Ebony, Bio Bhringraj, Bio Kelp, Bio Sea Kelp. This is available in, Amazon or you can also purchase it from

My Claim :

The Bio Musk Root pack comes in a plastic tub like package with green lid. This pack is quite thick and requires good effort to evenly spread on scalp, and its not a fine paste. It has a very natural and herbal smell. It smells more or like hennna conditioning paste which is really refreshing.


I mix thick paste with curd or I simply dilute it with water n two table spoon of lemon.  Because curd and lemon make hair soft and shiny. The act as anti bacterial agents against dandruff and other itchy scalp problems. I personally don’t prefer egg cause of its smell. I suggest you to apply it properly on scalp because it neutralise stress giving cooling effect on to the scalp.

There is no particular information about amount of yogurt and egg to be used with pack. So I suggest you to add as required by you.

Apply the mask and wait for 30 minutes.  Wash it off with a very mild shampoo. I would suggest you to use very less quality of shampoo and use lots and lots of luke warm water.

This pack adds shine and volume to the hairs. It give a very good texture to your hairs. It makes hair look black and shiny ie. It has a color binding property.  But I didn’t see any signs of hair growth as it claims . Bio Musk root pack is totally a nourishment pack.

The beat thing about this pack is all ingredients are natural and its an ancient ayurvedic recipe. It contains musk root,  amla, bhringraj which add nourishment and acts a natural conditioner.

I am sure that most of us use a lot of hair styling tools and excess heat. Continuous use of hair styling tools may damage hair strand so I highly recommend such packs for extra nourishment.

Pro’s :

  • This pack is indeed very nourishing.  Hair is noticeably shiny and bouncy after very first use.
  • It add extra nourishment to hair. It gives similar benefit as henna conditioning. Makes hair soft, black and shiny.
  • The packs smells very natural and refreshing.
  • The package is pretty decent tub like box.
  • Affordable.
  • 100% natural ingredients.

Con’s :

  • Pack is quite thick and requires great effort for applications and to wash it off.
  • It moisturizes well, hair seems to be little greasy by the second day after application.
  • It doesn’t promote hair growth.

My Verdict :

Biotique musk root hair mask is made up of natural ingredients and has no harmful chemicals so its really worth  trying. People who always take extra care for hair and one who use excessive heat styling tools can try on this. But it doesn’t do anything to promote hair growth. Overall its a good hair mask.

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