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Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera Gel

Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera Gel

                        Aloe Vera Gel is the most common plat in our garden. we know that it has many medicinal property . but still we don’t make use of it. cutting n taking the gel out of it will be a hard process in our busy schedule so here i’m with best use of Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera gel.

Claims By Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera Gel

                      The Label claims that it’s the natural source along with modern manufacturing processes to offer you a treatment moisturizing gel idea for softening the skin, protecting it from sun damage and acting as a guard and immunizing agent against skin ailments like dry skin, acne and itchy skin conditions. The gel is ideal solution for gifting you soft, glowing and pampered skin.


               This product retails for Mrp – 85/- for 100g


               Apply the gel after cleansing your face and massage the gel softly into the skin for softening and protecting it against environment pollution. Ideal to be used everyday.

Key Ingredients 

               Aloe Vera extract ,  peppermint oil and Demineralised water.

My claim on this Product 

               This product comes in a very cute transparent package. I use this gel follwed by cleansing my face.  This is a gel based moisturiser which initially makes your skin little greasy but when given a slight massage it gets absorbed easily. It gives a very mild smell which vanishes in few seconds of application. It does give a cooling effect when applied on any redness or acne bumps. This can also be after threading your eyebrows or after waxing to avoid redness or any sort of skin damage.

               Now, I would not just recommend you to use it for protection from sun damage.  I would prefer using sunscreen cause there is no mention about spf any where in the package. And if you use it while going out, it would really turn your skin look oily.

               Another reason for why I love this gel is that it can be used as a primer for your bb cream or foundation.

               Dry skin people you can really go forit because it really moisturises skin very well and makes it very hydrated making your natural skin to peek through.

               Do try this and let me know your views about this 😄😄.  Share your best moisturiser 😉😉

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