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Biotique Eye Gel

What Biotique says ?

Seaweed is drenched with lipids, proteins, vitamins, and other nutritive elements from the sea. This refreshing eye Gel reduces and prevents signs of stress, puffiness and dark circles.

It also comes in two more variants: Bio Morning Nectar and Bio Dandelion.

 Ingredients :

How To Use :

Lightly pat around eye area morning and evening.

Price :

199rps for 15g.

Shelf life :

3 yrs from date of packaging.

My Claims On This Product :

After pregnancy,  I have got dark circles and it was constantly increasing. And I don’t prefer using concealer or any tinted moisturizer under my eyes. Hence I decided to try this eye Gel.

This eye Gel comes in a white coloured plastic tub packaging with green lid. This is a clear Gel which is transparent. The consistency is neither too thick nor runny. A very small quantity of Gel is enough for application. This Gel really spreads easily and gets absorbed with in seconds after application. This Gel has very mild mint like scent which disappears after application. I really love skin care products or any other cosmetics which is odourless or mild scented and I would really suggest the same to you people also.

This Gel gives a cooling effect on the under eye region.  This reduces puffiness in the eyes. Trust me… It does stops the dark circles from increasing and moisturises the under eye region.  Now its been a month since I have started using this, but I didn’t notice much difference. It reduces puffiness of eyes and gives relief from eye fatigue. It doesn’t work much on dark circles. Thus its not a 100% cure.

And I really didn’t like the packaging. It comes in a tub like package and each time to take the Gel you need to dip your finger which is really unhygienic. It could have been a squeeze tube.

Pro Of Biotique Eye Gel :

  • Clear gel, colourless and mild herb like odour.
  • Gives a cooling effect to eyes.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Easily available and affordable.

Con Of Biotique Eye Gel :

  • Not effective.
  • Unhygienic package.

My Verdict:

Biotique Eye Gel reduces eye fatigue and moisturises the under eye region. But I would really not recommend this to someone who is looking for a proper dark circles remedy.

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